Okeedokee's 9th Birthday!

Filling our Love Cup!

Chinese New Year

Wonderful learning opportunities for our Smartees childen this week as they incorporated Chinese New Year into the program, extending on cultures, languages and music that has been driving the [...]

Water Safety

Community Visit

Water Play

Celebrating Australia Day

Preschool Graduation 2017

Celebrating Special Moments, Milestones and Memories

Grandparents morning at Okeedokee Norman Park

Okeedokee let's play!

Father's Day celebrations

Today we took the time to celebrate the little things that make our family’s memories meaningful at Okeedokee Norman Park.

Book Week at Okeedokee

At Okeedokee this week, we’ve had a wonderful week celebrating literacy.

Red Nose Day at Okeedokee

At Okeedokee Norman Park, we're all about kids.  As a child care centre, we feel it's appropriate to lend our support to 'child related' causes, causes that we're sure you will agree, are close [...]

Okeedokee Early Learning Centre Extra Curricular Activities

Studies have shown that children who regularly participate in sport are healthier, have higher confidence and self-esteem and spatial awareness, while those who regularly engage [...]

Mother's Day at Okeedokee Norman Park

To celebrate Mother's Day, we invited all of our wonderful Okeedokee Norman Park Mums/Grandmothers to join us for some very special pampering & time out to enjoy a relaxing morning tea. Our very [...]

Okeedokee Norman Park

Okeedokee Norman Park Kindergarten program ensures your child is school ready. Limited spaces are available so please book now to ensure your child's place. Our Kindergarten features: Queensland [...]