The storm moved on, the puddles disappeared and the sun came out Saturday afternoon to play host to Okeedokee’s Annual Art Exhibition. We are so proud of everything the children and staff have done in creating for, setting up and putting on this event. The exhibition was a beautiful representation of the journey everyone at Okeedokee has been on this year, exploring more closely the relationship we have with this planet we call home, and how we can be more sustainable and informative in so many areas.

From recycled loose parts, milk bottle challenges, an upcycled book trolley (with donated pipe cut-offs from a parent – thank you!), and cardboard pieces that have played many different roles in previous events and art experiences, each room wonderfully displayed a culmination of learning, portraying the children’s voices throughout.

Our exhibition this year wasn’t just about beautiful artworks either; we were able to raise more than $450 for Envision Hands – helping turn bottle caps into 3D filament, into prosthetic limbs for children than need them! Thank you so much to everyone who came or donated. You can read more about this organisation at