okeedokee, where every day is a great day!

At Okeedokee Norman Park we offer the very best in childcare for the inner Brisbane area. We’re all about happy kids, great kids... your kids!

Our modern facilities have been specifically designed to provide children with the perfect space to explore, develop, learn, grow and have fun! All our programs are aligned to the Early Learning Years Framework (EYLF) – a national Australian program designed to assist educators in maximising a child’s potential and developing a foundation for successful learning.

From babies to school aged children and all the little ones in between, we have your family covered when it comes to providing your children with high quality childcare.

Nursery – Bubbees

For babies aged six weeks to 15 months, we know you’ll love our ‘Bubbees’ nursery. With specialist carers who understand the uniqueness of each day with your baby, our nursery is a nurturing, caring and safe environment.

We work with you to learn about your child, while providing babies with play based learning that incorporates language, music and arts to help them reach their individual milestones.

Toddlers – Todlees

Toddlers aged 15 months – 2 years are busy little people! Our ‘Todlees’ room provides plenty of stimulation to keep these curious minds interested and entertained. Music, nature, messy play and all things noisy and fun are at the core of our Todlees room!

Junior Kindy - Okees

Our ‘Okees’ room is for children aged 2 – 3 years and is where we begin to bring more structure into their routine to help support their social and emotional development. We do this through enjoyable individual and group activities that are aimed at developing cognitive, fine motor, gross motor and language skills.

Senior Kindy - Dokees

With their confidence growing every day, our Dokees room is dedicated to children aged 2.5 – 3.5 years. We encourage their independence and continue building their routines to prepare them for kindergarten. Our educators support and guide our ‘Dokees’ who love to plan their activities and explore their surroundings while expressing themselves through play and structured learning.

Kindy - Smartees

With school just around the corner, our 3 – 5 year old ‘Smartees’ love to learn exciting pre-literacy and numeracy skills that help prepare them for their school years. Children are encouraged to take on learning activities in supportive and enjoyable environments to build confidence and readiness.