Fees are charged at $123 a day on a weekly basis.   The centre is open between 7.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday, 51 weeks a year. Booked days are charged and paid for, regardless of whether your child attends - this includes Public Holidays.  
Okeedokee does provides food and nappies.

1. Full fee is payable and Okeedokee is not required to estimated CCB or CCR prior to statements issued.  Child Care Benefit is available and varies according to a means test by Centrelink. Families are responsible for lodging a form and keeping it current and informing Okeedokee of CRN’s . Families not claiming childcare benefit or child care rebate may be able to claim a lump sum from Centrelink at the end of the financial year (see parent information area for details).
2. TWO WEEKS NOTICE in writing is required for any cancellation or alteration of your booking.

3. There is a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee, this is to secure your child’s place and includes a Okeedokee Enrolment pack for your child.

4. Payment of fees is necessary to retain your child’s booking in the Centre. All accounts must be paid by the end of each week. Payment must be made via Ezi debit only.  Accounts are issued weekly and are payable within 5 days. Otherwise positions will be cancelled immediately.
5. Some absences do not count towards the 42 day Government limit, provided they meet Government criteria. Sick days for which a doctor’s certificate is provided are an example of such circumstances.
6. The Centre closes at 6.00pm each evening. Collection after that time will incur a substantial  late fine of $2.00 per minute.
7. Any parent experiencing difficulties with payments should contact the Director immediately.